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Orcs Vs Zombies Update

Posted on August 28, 2015  in Game Design

The past couple of weeks it has been slow going because we have taken a break from this project but it hasn’t been forgotten.

We got some valuable feedback from some of the other contestants and with that have started to fix those issues.

I’ve spent some more time looking for ready art assets to buy for the game and adding them to the prefabs for the tutorial level.  We now have walking and moving orcs so this makes it really cool to play.  The nav mesh agent is doing a good job at running the scripts but now we need to connect the AI to the animation system so when they attack it will switch from the movement to attacking animations.

The main hero is still a cylinder sorry folks its hard to find what I really want for this avatar in the game.  I might just have to break down and do a modeling session and make what I want.  Then our animator can have some fun making our avatar move.

In the tutorial level I’ve switched how the player attacks from the AI deciding to attack to now allowing the player to click on what they want to attack.  This for me seems to make the game player better.

We will try and get an updated build to the game for everyone to try and play.  The competition release had some major issues because of missing textures that I would at least like to get fixed and uploaded so people can play.