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Development – Day 7

Posted on August 16, 2015  in Game Design

We are not considering this the last day for this project. It has been a lot of fun working on it this past week. We are all tired and in need of a break from this long week of development. Here is where we stand at this time.

Tutorial level is created and now single player is no longer networked and fully playable.  This took a lot of development time to convert from multi player to single player because all the scripts had to be mostly redesigned to work for single player.  Things we would like to still add are a waterfall feature with sound, better tutorial steps some more events trigger the tutorial steps.

Multiplayer now has one large map and tons of Orcs. Players will need to band together to stop this massive amount of Orcs from killing all the humans.  We still need to work on the environment texture and play balancing.

Download our pre-release game and have some fun.  You can also join GameJolt and play it at their website, just do a search for ProjectYAG and you should find our game.

Lastly,  in addition to the developers of this game I want to thank all out families.  Our wives and children have been great during this whole competition.  Thank you for letting us make this game and helping us when you could!

Stay tuned, we are still working on the game!

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