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Month: June 2015

Game Development

Posted on June 3, 2015  in Game Design

YAG is proud to start production on a small game that will be completed in a weeks time.  Our game theme is Zombies VS Orcs so join in our development of this project and have some fun.

Our project will be using the Unity3D game engine as it provides a decent start where our artists and programmers can both be creative.

Here is our team:

James Anderson (Mr. Anderson ala The Matrix) – Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Game Art & Design from Westwood College. I’ve worked as a professional artist for both a game company and a VFX studio. I’ve also done professional animation on TV commercials, windows and mobile games, as well as motion capture on a movie. My true love is being on the edge of raw creation that Game Jam’s provide. I’ve done several game jam challenges from Global Game Jams, Ludum Dares, and a number of others. I’m a team player and really enjoy bouncing ideas off of my team members. I’m also an avid gamer.

Jesse Lord – Started a VR/AR business called Pyrotronics-Games. He is a father, and husband. is dedicated, motivated, and well read. He is honest, clear, helpful. Has an associates in system engineering and network engineering. Has a bachelors in Software Development. Has been troubleshooting and repairing computers as well as programming since he twelve (12) years old: (Commodore64 basic), basic, VB, Pascal, c, c++, c#, java, AS3, torquescript, etc.

Leland Ede – He has been a programmer since he was 9 years old.  Start working in the computer industry as a Network and Security specialist and now has moved on to develop software professionally for the past 15 years.  During this time he has learned several programming languages and used them professionally to further his career and knowledge.  Recently he has started streaming some of his production work so other developers can learn from his experiences.