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Welcome to the eTekWorld website.  We have scrapped our old websites and started this one new from scratch since hackers had a field day on our old website.  If there was an article on the old website you wanted to review please let us know and we will try and resuscitate it from the grave.

The new goal of this version of eTekWorld is to start a fun place to play for family and kids.  Most of the new code and effort will be put into making games with different technologies for the web.  There are a couple of different games we have ported from some of our older work so keep an eye for those posts and the pages to enter and play.

For those MineCraft players congradulation and making it to v1.13.  We are still playing on 1.12.2 with Feed The Best Revelation 2.2.0 on our server.  Feel free to grab the twitch app and join us at

See you next time when we give a better update to the progress we are making on the next project.

Designed by Leland Ede